Togally community,

Please be aware that our website will permanently shut down on September 30, 2016. We tried to keep togally going, but we were unable to raise the necessary funds to support our growth.

If you have a future event already booked, please contact your tog offline and be sure to confirm the details. We will refund money that's been deposited and you will be responsible for paying your tog directly if you wish to keep the booking.

If you have pictures from an event that you haven't downloaded yet, please be sure to do so now. All images associated with your account will be deleted on September 30th.

We don't have availability to answer customer service inquiries, but we will do our best to respond if possible.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of our special community for the past 2 years. Togally served so many people with a such a great experience and we wish we could keep it going!

The togally team